Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year!!

Whether or not you want to believe it, 2015 is here. And although some may not believe in resolutions, I do find the New Year to be an opportunity to reflect. Reflecting on the past is what helps me to grow and to find my true passion. As I reflect on this year, I am filled with emotion. This year has been a roller coaster full of ups and downs with a more downs than ups. But this year has helped me to focus on happiness and my future. 

There is so much that I want to accomplish in 2015, but the main thing is to "Love Yours" (in the words of J. Cole). I want to learn to enjoy the life I live and live in the moment. I want to learn to be thankful and value what is in my life. In the world of social media, it is so easy to see people "doing better than you" and begin to believe that you aren't doing well. With that said, I am only going to focus on ME and MINE and how to be the best I can be.


1. Focus on my goals: I have so many ideas and plans that I want to accomplish. I will start planning and making deadlines for myself.

2. Stop procrastinating: Time flies sooo fast. I will make a conscious effort to stop putting things off and do them in the moment.

3. Read more: I haven't read a book in about 6 months. I would like to begin reading at least one book a month.

4. Be a better friend and family member: My communication skills are bad. I will ensure I reach out via phone to all my family and friends at least once a month.

5. LIVE: Have fun! Life is too short to not enjoy it. I want to be present in the moments and enjoy life, meet more people, connect with current friends, and travel.

6. Expose Zoie (my daughter) to more: Take her to more shows, plays, and places. And involve her in more activities.

7. Take an hour a day for myself: I get so caught up in everything that I forget about me. In that hour, I can read a book, get my nails done, eat a meal alone, etc. Learn myself and love myself.

8. And the obvious: Be more healthy. Health is so important and I need to ensure I am eating better and exercising to be able to enjoy life longer. And look good, of course!

Smile more, laugh more, love more!!!!

I'm hoping this year brings you much love and happiness!