Monday, May 25, 2015

Spring Florals


Well, as of yesterday I am now 25 weeks pregnant!!! Wow.... the time is going so fast but still so slow. With my last pregnancy, I didn't take the time to enjoy being pregnant. So although it is hard to see the changes to my body and the SCALE, I have decided to embrace it and try to remain true to myself. But I am more than halfway through and I haven't started to prepare for whats to come. I have so much to do from organizing and preparing baby's room to buying all the much needed supplies that I've thrown out or given away since my first baby. So that will be my plan for the upcoming weekend: buy a new crib and paint the baby's room.

Getting dressed while pregnant can be somewhat difficult. I am torn between the "I refuse to buy maternity clothes" and the "my clothes are way too tight" stages. With my first pregnancy, I never wore pregnancy clothes. I just bought clothes a size or two bigger and I made it work. With this pregnancy it doesn't seem to be working the same. So i gave in and bought a pair of maternity shorts from Target. They have made me change my mind about maternity clothes. They are so comfortable and they fit so well. I decided to wear them with this Missguided tropical boyfriend shirt. This outfit was super cute for the Memorial Day weekend but I still felt really comfortable. So this was my way of mixing "normal" clothes with "maternity" clothes. 

Outfit Details:

Top: Missguided  (sale)

Shorts: Target

Heels: Steve Madden (old)

Until next time.... XOXO