Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Style Ideas: 5 looks to try this month!!

April Fools!!! Today is the 2nd day of April and I am in full spring mode lately. Despite the rain for the last few days, the 60 degree days are just what the doctor ordered. Today I will share 5 looks to try this month. From pastels to bright colors, these looks will be a great way to bring in the warm weather. Check out some of the looks below.....

1. Childhood Cartoon Inspiration

Graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts have been very trendy this past winter season and I'm pretty sure they will remain going into spring. Take a spin on the trend while going back into your childhood days with cartoon-inspired sweatshirts. Get the look here or here.

2. Wear a Pastel Look

Easter is coming this months and the holiday makes me think of mint greens, baby pink, and lilacs. Pastels are perfect for this month and the soft color is a mood enhancer on gloomy days. Feeling down? Throw on some mint denim, a lilac dress, or even pink nail polish and watch how your mood changes for the better.

3. Try a Safari Look

I am love with this army colored cargo jumpsuit in this picture. Jumpsuits are truly in style this season and this look doesn't disappoint. A safari-themed outfit is perfect for the April no-more cold, not-yet-hot weather.

4. Bright Color Colorblocking

I am still a fan of color blocking and think it's even better when done with bright bold colors. Try a flourescent yellow top with bright blue jeans/skirt/shorts. Trust, you will definitely light up the room with this look.

5. Look flawless in all white.

April is a great month to incorporate the all-white looks into your wardrobe. I know Memorial Day is not in April, for all you safe fashionistas out there. But the warm weather should give you all the motivation you need to pull out those white dresses and jeans.  I know all-white can be a bit scary for some of us body-conscious women but try a couple different items and find what works for you.

Hopefully, you will give some of these looks a try this month. Throughout this month, I will feature my take on these trends and I would love to see yours!! Send me pics of your outfits this month!! Which look will you try?


  1. I love all of these looks!!!

    1. Yes!!! They are great looks for the spring!

  2. Replies
    1. It is fun! And is great for you bc you look so good in bright colors. Thanks for reading :-)