Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beauty Trend: Orange Lipstick

So long plum, wine, and deep reds. Hello coral, tangerine, amber, and other orange shades. Lately, I have noticed that I am seeing lots of orange lips. From celebrities to fashion show runways, this trend is truly taking over. Stars from Solange to the beautiful Lupita Nyongo are wearing the latest fashion must-have. While searching for the perfect shade for me, I realized that there are some rules that must be followed when sporting this color. A couple of points to consider:

1. Let the lipstick be the focus of your face. I find that if you try this shade with bold make-up, you will find yourself looking like a clown. It is much better with a natural clean look. Ensure you have nicely shaped eyebrows and thick eyelashes with a couple coats of mascara or falsies. That will do the trick.

2. Try to match the shade to your skin tone. Lighter skin? corals or reddish-orange shades look great on you. Try Buxom Rogue. Medium skin? bold bright orange shades work well on you. Try MAC Lady Danger. Darker skin? burnt orange and deeper orange are the best options. Try MAC Chilli.

3. Your outfit should accentuate your lipstick, NOT match it. Don't wear an orange top with this lipstick. Try florals, pastels, and even monochromatic (black/white) looks.

4. Matte > Glossy. Matte lipsticks really allow the bold, rich color to shine through. Ensure you are really bronzed because the matte orange lip looks great with a highlighted, bronze face.

Check out some of your favorite celebs in their orange lipstick:

How do you feel about this new trend? Hate it or love it? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Will you be wearing orange lips this spring and summer?

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